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Do you...
  • Overeat or mindlessly munch?
  • Eat late at night?
  • Eat when you’re not even hungry?
  • Eat when you’re nervous, sad, or mad?
  • Get “orally fidgety” and need a food pacifier?
  • Live on fast foods due to lack of time?
  • Crave sweets?
  • Eat too much fat and salt?
  • Skip meals or forget to eat?
  • Delay eating until you’re starving?

Stress and a hectic lifestyle can affect your eating patterns and food choices.  The stress hormone cortisol depletes your blood sugar and makes you hungry.  All of which can make you crave “bad” carbohydrates that give you an energy rush followed by a crash… leaving you “hungry” for more “bad” foods (like sweets and fatty/salty food). It’s a vicious cycle fueled by stress.

The results?  Stress-related weight gain (especially belly fat).  Poor sleep quality.  Slow healing.  Not to mention increased risk to chronic health conditions like metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and diabetes.